Tweet - After the Beep!

Tweet - After the Beep! is the latest sequel of our After the Beep! hit app. We have taken the voice message to a faster level that lets you tweet it out loud!

Tweet it loud by speaking your message and publish it in seconds. The easiest, fastest way to tweet - with a twist. Once you've entered your twitter account, just record your voice, your environment or favorite song and send it to your followers. Say what you feel, speak your mind or let your followers hear what you hear. Add a text if you like and your tweet will contain a link to the mp3.

You're in a band, or a performer? let your fans know your latest song or idea, right from your rehearsal room! It's so easy: just record... and Tweet!

An example tweet looks like:

Statistics will show you all your audio tweets and how many times it was listened to.

Check out our app After the Beep! for themed voice messages to Facebook, Twitter, voicemail, and email.

Enough text - go tweet it out loud! Download Tweet - After the Beep! now!