About the Crew

It was time for a new exciting project for us: Niels (US west coast), Florian and Rüdiger (Germany). Niels has been working on media solutions for many years in various positions. Florian is an audio programming guru and Rüdiger a database wizard. After a few conference calls -- early on the California coast, late in Germany -- with the help of the book: iPhone app business for dummies and the review of several iFart apps, we came up with the idea of an app that creates funny voice messages to share on voicemail.

Some calls later, we got excited about different themes, sound effects and so on. Our main goal was that it was easy to use, i.e. usable by Florian's mother. That ruled out a bunch of geeky options. Oh, and of course it should be professional, so our team grew to include a a programmer from the Ukraine, a sound designer in Berlin and a graphics designer in San Francisco.

Using online documents and continual conference calls, the app was in the making for several months, during which some similar apps popped up, but none quite like what you can see in After The Beep today.

Now we are thrilled to observe how the app will perfom! If we get good feedback or when you overload our servers with messages, you will see more from us: we have tons of features and ideas in the queue... stay tuned!

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