About After the Beep

The new app that lets you create the perfect message they never saw coming.

Simply record your voice, then warp & play back your recording with any of our 10 great themes like Rockstar, Happy Birthday, Submarine, Canyon and Airport.

Each theme is customizable with a variety of settings, allowing over ten thousand possible sound combinations to help you compose the perfect message in seconds.

Once you're happy with your message you can save it, send it via voicemail, email or web link, or share it on Facebook or Twitter. Surprise, prank, congratulate--there's no end to the ways you can impress your friends with After the Beep.

Voice messages are delivered directly into the recipients voicemail box without ringing the phone*). Delivery of a voice mail message to any US cell phone costs only 1 credit. With your purchase of After the Beep you get 10 credits for free, and you can easily purchase 25 more for only $1.99. Sending and sharing messages through email, web link, Facebook & Twitter are completely free.

You can even schedule the delivery of a voicemail up to one week in advance--no more missing important birthday's and anniversaries!

Version 2 is in the making, contact us and let us know what features you need!

We have distilled more than 100 possible themes to the best ways to alter your voice and audible teleportation...

When you choose the Airport theme, your message will sound like "your captain speaking" through the in-flight intercom. Choose the departure hall instead for a quick message before the flight using one of many international airports' announcements that we have gathered in our quest for the world's best sounds.

One small step to record this message while the sounds travel giant leaps to deliver a message to mankind that traveled to our space stations on the moon, mars or pluto - your voice, your choice.

On the Run with blasting guns, sirens and squealing tires. A car chase that would make any undercover agent proud and you can be Ed for up to 90 seconds. Hear it to believe it.

Need a break on an island ? Send a message from the Beach- now you can - anytime - whether your hot-spot is on the sand or in your office. Tune in the music, seagulls and boats as you like. Beep envy included. Scheduling comes handy to record your vacation greetings now, deliver them later.

Happy Birthday - the perfect occasion to leave a message when you don't actually want to talk. No time to get to the hallmark store, yet want to make it special? Done.

Greetings from the outdoors, between walls. Messages from the Canyon. Your choice of size and water effects. Oh, and if you can't pick up the return call, blame it on the bad reception.

Rock Star. An instant classic was born when we created the possibility to leave an impressive message from stage, with your style of background music that is tuned around your words. Your message will be impressive, whatever you say.

VoiceTxt from under the sea: Over the last 12 months, our expert team of sound searchers has infiltrated Submarine vessels of most major navies to give you the option to generate a message from down to 22,475 feet below sea level in our most advanced model.

While the sound of Work may not be your favorite, it sure is useful to be able to switch that background on for some occasions and as if teleportation to the office wasn't enough, we added time travel to give you back the sounds of type writers and rotary phones.

*) due to technical limitations, in some countries it may ring shortly. Voicemail delivery is not guaranteed: if the voicemail is not active, or full, or other technical difficulties occur, a voicemail message cannot be delivered and the credits are returned to you.